Thursday, July 18, 2013

From Livecode to Xojo Switching Views

Both Livecode and Xojo are cross platform development tools. Both have strengths and weakness. However it no shock how much more I prefer Xojo over Livecode for desktop development, as the Xojo makes an far better and more modern final product on Mac and Linux than Livecode does. On Windows both do similarly well.

For mobile Livecode currently supports iOS and Android where Xojo will soon will do iOS, however not Android. Xojo also does the web where Livecode does the server. So again each tool has pluses and minus. 

I have used Livecode for over 8 years professionally and Xojo (and former product names) 6 years.
I also get many clients asking to convert Livecode code bases to Xojo and also Xojo code bases to Livecode so I figure I could do an few videos showing the different ways using both tools, to get one started using either or of the tools.

First in this new series is switching views. I will keep every video under 15 minutes long, even if that means editing the content down.

There many of way to switch views than what I present, but I walk over the basic ways for both tools.

Again Happy coding :)

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